Have we had "work" done? Find out and see our before and afters!

We've been asked by so many of you guys if we have had work done. We try be be as real and authentic with you all as possible about everything. We want to be open and not lie about this topic a la Kylie Jenner LIKE NO GIRL THAT WAS NOT LIP-LINER! While we love the Kardshian/Jenner work ethic what we don't like is how they have not fully addressed what is literally the most obvious thing we have ever seen. They have DONE IT ALL when it comes to plastic surgery. Those waist trainers and plump glosses that they push on social media will not get you the same results because its total BS . It's not cool that they have not shared this with the public when they have such strong reach and exposure. So here it goes.........

YES we do Botox and YES we do lips fillers and here's the bottom line: WE LOVE IT. If you have decided to age gracefully and this is not for you well POWER TO YOU! Everyone has the right to decide what they want to do for themselves.

In our work industry there's a lot of pressure to look a certain way or act a certain way but here's the best part: we don't do anything for anyone except our own fucking selves. If you're going to get "work" done then don't do it for anyone but yourself and if it makes you feel good then go with your gut. 


So how did this journey start?

Over the past few years (yes we started this journey a while ago) we have tried different routes and have ultimately found one that works for us. We've been to nurses, doctors, different clinics etc and have put together our tips below for anyone who ever wants to dip into this world. Please understand that not everything is for everybody and thats okay! 

1- Find a reputable DOCTOR

While some nurses are great, going to a doctor is a totally different experience with better results. Our favourite is Dr Hani Sinno

With Dr. Sinno, you experience utmost, prioritized care aimed to enhance your comfort, provide you with a safe procedure, and minimize your recovery time. 

The above photo is literally half of the diplomas/certifications that are displayed in his office. If you go get injected and don't see a wall like this then RUN.

Dr. Sinno’s ongoing commitment is to provide patients with a natural improvement in a safe, comfortable environment that allows for an open, patient-tailored approach resulting in the highest quality of patient care before, during and after any procedure.  Oh and he's also one of the kindest people we have ever met and it doesn't hurt that he's very easy on the eyes..

2- Don't feel the pressure to share this with anybody else until you're ready

For a while we didn't share any of this with anyone, not even our closest friends! We wanted to test this out for ourselves and weren't interested in hearing judgement from other people who didn't understand. The only reason we chose to share it now is because we found the right doctor and like we said above; we feel its important to be a genuine as we can with you guys. Tell people when you're ready to share because its your business and no one else's.

3- Go with your gut.

If you go to the clinic and are still unsure then don't get any work done. We both planned to try lip fillers years ago but only ended up doing botox for a while because we weren't ready. It also helps that Dr. Sinno uses a special technique. At other places we tried we had to use numbing cream and we still felt pain but Dr. Sinno didn't numb either one of us which is honestly INSANE and it didn't hurt one bit. FOR REAL. See below for some before and afters of our lips.

Jackie before and after

Leanna before and after

4- Don't drink the night before your procedures

We have tried this one and trust us..it ain't worth it. It makes the bruising worse. You should also make sure not not rub or massage the treated area for 4 hours after your injections to prevent spreading of your Botox.  

5- Remember Botox is preventative

Some people have looked at us like we are totally nuts for doing botox at this age. Here's the thing: its preventative. 

People develop wrinkles because, over time, skin weakens and can’t effectively bounce back from folding caused by laughing, smiling, furrowing your brow, and all the other motions your face makes on a regular basis. Botox specifically prevents dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by muscle movements. Essentially by freezing these muscles with Botox, you can prevent their movement and ensuing wrinkles.

So there you have it. One of the things we still haven't tried is face fillers and for the time being we don't plan on it. If we do we will be upfront with you all. Anything that gives you a boost of confidence is a yes in our books. We live in a day and age where these types of procedures have become quite common but we also understand that many people don't see why this is all necessary and thats ok! At the end of the day YOU DO YOU and never apologize for it.


Jacklyn and Leanna