Leanna's fit tips for staying on track during a vacation

How can you go on vacation and enjoy all the foods you love but also manage to stay on track? I get this question A LOT. I actually find that on most of my vacations or trips I usually lose a bit of weight so I wanted to share my tips and tricks below.  **Remember** This is what works for me and different things work for different people. These are just my opinions based on my personal experiences!

1️⃣DON'T TAKE ELEVATORS EVER. Seriously this is a lifesaver. Even if I'm on the 20th floor of a resort or hotel I take the steps to and from my room. 


PROOF! Here's me taking the stairs during my current trip to Mexico

 2️⃣ MODERATION. For breakfast and lunch I always go for the healthier options - egg whites in the morning and fish and veggies for lunch. When you're on a resort moderation is soooo important. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to eat it. Don't get me wrong - I'm definitely enjoying myself at dinner but it's the healthy choices during the day that really help. 

Stay way from the fried food sections and stick with the sections with fresh veggies and fruit like the below.

My go to breakfast. Egg white omelettes. Loaded with protein!

 3️⃣SMART ALCOHOL CHOICES. Tequila, vodka and gin are my go-to's when i'm on a vacation. Frozen margaritas are popular and incredibly tasty, but run in the 250 calorie range. Some restaurant margaritas are even worse, with enough sugar to exceed 350 calories. As with many things, taking it back to the basics is the way to go. My favourite drink on vacation tequila, soda and lime. Which is under 100 calories.

Literally the BEST drink!

4️⃣Find the closest gym. The second I get to a hotel or resort I always ask where the gym is. If the hotel doesn't have one then find the closest one!

The gym in Mexico. I make do with what I can!

5️⃣Find someone on your trip who will workout with you. I find this really helps me stay motivated. Yesterday morning I didn't want to workout and my husband motivated me to go with him and I was so glad I did!

Me and my hubby working out in Mexico.

➡️ Remember this is what works for me and we are all different but I wanted to share my tips and tricks with all of you! XOXOXO