Our Anxiety Solution: Fitness

Ever since we were young we always remember having anxiety. What is anxiety to us? This blog is a reflection of our views on anxiety but it is important to note that these are *our* opinions and we are not doctors. 

We believe each person who suffers with anxiety feels it differently. When we were young we made a memory box with a friend from elementary school that we planned to open upon our high school graduation. (A la Britney Spears in crossroads ;)) We wrote down wishes for the future and didn't show each other. Years later when we opened the box we were surprised to discover that we BOTH had written down that we wanted these anxious racing thoughts to stop. Keep in mind that we were around 10 years old when we wrote this and had no idea what anxiety even was.

It took us years to understand our mental health and what anxiety even meant. Over the years we've definitely struggled and those around who didn't understand were very hard on us. It took us time to understand that this is something we can't change and it's also not something we should be ashamed of.

We've both been prescribed all kinds of medication and after many attempts on different prescriptions, we both eventually came to the common conclusion that they were not helping us. We are not against meds. If meds have worked for you, thats amazing! We applaud you and keep it up. It just hasn't worked for us. 

We both felt like we lost ourselves when we went on medication. The weight gain for us was brutal. We were premature babies both born under 5 pounds and our sudden ravishing appetites led not only to weight gain, but also to major stomach issues. On top of that, we both felt like the medication numbed our passion, drive and overall happiness. We felt lazy, tired and not ourselves. 

After a few years and a few different prescriptions, we both stopped and decided we had to find other solutions. Jacklyn had just gotten engaged and it seemed like the perfect time to start working out.

What started as "sweating for the wedding" turned into the ultimate life changing revelation that fitness can help the mind. So many people ask us how are you so motivated to go to the gym? The answer is simple. It's not about our bodies, thats a plus. It's about the will to be sane and to be able to manage our high stress business. Getting fit is a bonus. The ultimate goal is a calm and mindful mind. 

Working out on a regular basis is a lifestyle choice that has benefited us both greatly. It doesn't matter how or where you start- just do what feels good for you.