We Smoke Cannabis and Here's Why

Tomorrow is a BIG day, a day that has been a LONG time coming. Cannabis is being legalized in Canada.

Ever since we were little, we've both struggled with anxiety. Jacklyn wrote a blog post a few months ago explaining why she stopped taking about her anxiety online. It was because she couldn't share one of her solutions.. until now. There's a huge stigma attached to smoking cannabis.. that it makes you lazy, tired & unmotivated. This is not the case for us....we have high amounts of energy all the time. We're extremely productive, motivated and disciplined and we both smoke cannabis. There are many strains that can even make you more social.

We've been going back and forth for a while.. trying to figure out how to be open about this topic. This is where SOLEI comes in. We're so happy to be able to team up with a cannabis company that aligns with our values. It's not about getting high, it's about finding your moment with the right products. With the legalization, comes a brand that is ready to educate you about their amazing sun grown cannabis. 

SOLEI understands that there are different ways that Cannabis can make you feel, which is why they offer six strains. From more relaxing herbs to ones that help you be more social. They have it ALL! Relax, refresh & unplug!

One of our favourites is SOLEI FREE. This CBD is available in Dried Flower, Pre-Rolls & Oils. This strain is like a spa escape without the hefty bill, with it's rich green hues & spicy notes.

Our before bed time fave? SOLEI RENEW! This Indica THC is available in Dried Flower & Pre-Rolls. Rediscover that cozy tucked in feeling & get ready for tomorrow with bright green hues and a spicy citrus aroma. Mix this strain with some yoga and meditation before bed (like we do) and you are sure to have a restful night and sleep.

Want to know the most bangin' herb? (Pun intended) What weed strains are best for sex? SOLEI has it solved with SOLEI SENSE. This Hybrid THC is available in Dried Flower & Pre Rolls. Find your partner and find your spark..no bottle of wine needed. This product has green and vibrant orange hues and notes of citrus.

Tonight we got invited to visit the SOLEI discovery centre and we learnt all about their sun grown cannabis. We love brands that allow us to open up and be honest. SOLEI encompasses everything we believe in when it comes to cannabis use. If you guys have any questions regarding their products or cannabis use in general, please reach out to us! We're so excited to share this part of our lives and be real and authentic about this topic. Let's end the stigma and start the conversation.



Jacklyn & Leanna