What Happened When a Production Company Pitched Us To E! Networks

If there's anything you need to know about us it's that we LOVE reality television. The Bachelor, The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, anything on MTV — the list goes on. We're addicted to the edits, the drama, and the "faux" scenes that we can see right through (and live for). Have you ever seen the scripted show Unreal? If you watch The Bachelor then do yourself a favour and watch THIS NOW.

Through hard work and determination we have succeeded in working with some of our favourite reality stars. It's been a dream come true, thanks to our business Social Movement

Let's be real- It's 2018. Most social media personalities want to increase their reach via reality television. It's worked for every blogger and influencer that has come from shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother. There's a formula for this type of exposure and fame-- and trust us, it works.

So, how did 2 girls like us get approached by an LA based production company to create a show about our lives as twins and business owners- to be pitched to E! Networks? That's where this story begins. 

Throughout the years we have considered applying for different shows such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Real World, etc... but we never got around to doing it. As twins with a very unique relationship- we know that we fit the criteria for these types of shows. We always looked at it as a great way to grow our reach with an even bigger platform than social media, which later became so successful for us. Sooner than later, our business took off, we grew, and we forgot about this dream...or so we thought.

In the last 2 years we both got married and became heavily invested in our business and us getting on a reality show seemed less and less important.  So here's where it gets crazy.... once it really became an afterthought,  FOUR different opportunities for potential shows came up and NONE of which we sought out on our own. What we thought was a dream that wouldn't manifest actually began to blossom, without our own effort.

The first situation happened last summer when a very well known food network was looking for hosts for a food show. They found our Instagram account @twinningandeating and reached out.  As much as we're foodies, we knew this wasn't the right opportunity. The timing wasn't right,  our business was taking off and to be honest- we are foodies not chefs.

The second opportunity was similar to the first, but the show was about holistic living. Again, similar to the food show- as much as we love working out and have made major lifestyle changes in the past few years, we knew it wasnt a fit.

The third time was around Christmas this past year. We got an email to our website from a private casting agent looking for sets of twins for a new reality show on sister-duo's in business. In the end, we didn't fit the criteria, and knew it wasn't mean to be. 

Then one snowy day in February we received an email from a very well known production company saying they were in the midst of pitching some shows to E! that revolve around female empowerment and women in business, and they thought we would be a great fit. Um.. E!? How could this actually be real? Straight up.. who's trying to fuck with us? After doing our due diligence we realized this was the real deal. The same E! channel that airs the Kardashians. It was hard to believe. Even our dad had a hard time believing us when we told him we needed him to get on a Skype call with one of the producers. After speaking to them and realizing this was legit- he was just as shocked as we were!

We went back and forth for weeks with the producers and while we can't really disclose what we filmed and the exact premise of what our show would be- what we can say is that this was a real eye opening experience. Sharing our story to producers and giving up personal information about our relationship and lives was eye-opening. We learnt even more about the reality TV world and it was THE COOLEST experience we have ever had as twins. EVER. Nothing will top this (except maybe having babies at the same time) The best part was that they ended up pitching 4 out of 80 different ideas to E! ...and we were one of the four! 

Even though it was hard, we didn't share any of this on social media. We kept all of these experiences very private as it seemed quite far fetched. It took us months to really process the whole experience and we thought it was something we would never share. As much as we love social media, something we also value is our privacy. Part of our job is to be open to the public about our experiences and our lives. Yet we weren't 100% sure if we were ready to share our story in this way...until recently. 

In the end, E! didn't pick it up for this season. We were told that because of the #METOO movement in Hollywood, they were focusing on those types of shows for the time being. We are still in contact with the production company, and what the future holds.. who knows!? We are grateful and still in shock that this actually happened, and that these opportunities have been coming up for us. 

Regardless of the outcome, the real meaning behind this blog is to believe in yourself, work hard and enjoy the process. Stop worrying about how its going to happen, and start believing that it will! Don't be so concerned about the destination or the finish line.. enjoy the journey! We know that we are doing the right things, manifesting the right situations. There is no one road to success, or to following your dreams. You must find your own route to get there. Find what works for you- and manifest! YOU DO YOU BOO!!